Deciding the right company is often a very tricky process since by the time you realize you made the wrong decision it will be too late and likely very costlyLet’s be honest, a 100% risk free is impossible when hiring any company in any industry. However, there are several points along the way that if carefully considered can get you close to the best choice possible for your needs.

The rate
The moving industry is becoming increasingly expensive every year as the demand is usually higher than the supply especially since most people tend to move around the end and beginning of each month. Therefore it gives the power to any moving company to set their own prices depending on the demand as there is no actual regulation. Most companies have a minimum based price for 2 movers and the truck and usually charge hourly. In the GTA, the base rates of moving companies varies from 90$ to 200$ per hour for the small moves(1 to 2 bedroom worth of content). If your are looking for a Quality move, this should be the price range you should be ready to pay. Be Very careful, cheap rates advertisements can be very misleading and from experience we have had to bail out numerous customers from scammers and unreliable companies and we do not want that to be you. PLEASE Stay away from FLAT RATE moves as you will most likely be hit with hidden fees and terms in fine prints.

The value for the money
It is important to identify clearly what services you need and if the estimates received includes those services with the base price or at an additional cost. Most moving companies generally provide the same base moving and packing services for the price they charge. The best Companies provide a lot of value for the price such as wardrobe box services for your clothes on hanger, free dismantling and reassembling and no charges for stairs. Some companies have restrictions on some items that they don’t transport for various reason so it is your duty to identify those restrictions and avoid any surprises on Moving day.

The Location
Most companies always have a fee related to either the drive time or the distance of your origin and destination from their home office. Choosing a company located closer to your addresses can help you save some money unless your are completely changing cities and then you want a company located somehow in between.

When it comes to moving, transparency is KEY. From the first phone call with the sales representative of any moving company, you need to make sure that anything discussed over the phone is sent over to you in writing via Email preferably or via text message with the contact information of the said company. The most transparent companies will always include a copy of the contract alongside the estimate email. It is your duty as a client to read it over and make sure you fully understand all the aspects of the service you will be receiving.

The billing process
Moving companies have very different ways to bill. The common process is the hourly rate for the time it takes from the moment your move starts to the moment the move is completed. Now they all differ in the charges related to either the drive with the empty truck or any charges related to the truck (fuel, kilometers driven, truck size). Make sure you understand fully all these processes before you make your decision.

We hope this helps you in quickly sifting through and identifying the best moving company for your move. Remember at Mansa Movers your satisfaction is our currency and we mean it when we say your move matters. Get your estimate now.

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