Flat Rate vs Hourly rate Moves

Flat rate vs hourly rate

Planning for a move and debating the best billing process between a company that charges hourly or a company that provides flat rates? We will go over the advantages and inconveniences for both processes so you can be a better judge of the right billing system for your particular move. 90% of the stress encountered  […]

Your Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

Your move is coming up so we thought we would send you some pointers to help you make sure you are ready to receive the movers. Checklist :  –The parking spot for the truck is reserved or determined ahead at pick up and drop-off : This is a very important part of the move as […]

Tips To Efficiently Compare Moving Estimates

Deciding the right company is often a very tricky process since by the time you realize you made the wrong decision it will be too late and likely very costly. Let’s be honest, a 100% risk free is impossible when hiring any company in any industry. However, there are several points along the way that if carefully considered can […]

Most common moving mistakes and Tips to avoid them

Frustrated Employees and Customers

10 mistake to avoid for a successful move At this stage you have probably gone through a lot of the steps in your moving process to figure out your final moving date and securing the new location you are moving to. One thing we know for sure is that no matter what you have accomplished, until the […]