Your move is coming up so we thought we would send you some pointers to help you make sure you are ready to receive the movers.

Checklist : 
The parking spot for the truck is reserved or determined ahead at pick up and drop-off : This is a very important part of the move as most companies charge per hour and the last thing you want is to have the movers arrive and spend billable time scrambling to park the truck before beginning the load or the offload.

Elevator bookings confirmation ( If Applicable mostly for apartments)

Boxes packed and  labelled : This step will prevent the movers asking for directions on where every box is going and give you more time to take care of other important things and also a very good tip to save time (Applicable for customers who are doing the packing themselves, If you request packing from movers, then skip this step and rest insured everything will be moved properly and efficiently)

All boxes are placed together: When the movers arrive at the load they usually want to get the furnitures wrapped, protected and in the truck first and use them as base for lighter items such as boxes and miscellaneous that might not be stackable. Unfortunately in most moves boxes and little items are always on the way and prevent that efficient and time saving strategy. So putting the boxes together give space to the movers to use the best strategy cause our Mission is to come in and leave in the fastest way possible

Miscellaneous items packed in bags

All dressers and cabinet are empty: This step makes the furniture lighter and avoids any inside item to move around and or fall out of the drawers during the transport. 

You have purchased mattress covers: Mattress cover can also be ordered from us as well. This can help save sometime from using shrink wrap.

You have done as much dismantling  as you are able to: As a company value our customers time and we always encourage anybody to do as much as they can before their move especially if they are on a budget. 
Move all your pets ahead of the movers arrival

Keep in mind most point of this checklist are not mandatory or required for your move. They just optimize your chances of having the fastest move possible. Our team is there to satisfy all your moving needs and hopefully these pointers helped you.

Here at Mansa Movers we help in every aspect of moving, from Packing and moving to dismantling and reassembling all your furnitures.

We are excited to see you soon and help you begin a new chapter of your life on the right foot.

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support line if you have any questions or last minute request. We are always here to help in anyway possible.

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